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Jock Horror

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Jock Horror is Sativa hybrid, offspring of the three unique parents called the Northern Lights and two other strains that were quite famous too with their own strengths, the Skunk No. 1 and the Haze. Its bud has an aromatic herbal and earthy scent with a grassy and floral endearing fragrance, great for afternoon relaxation.

Flavor and Effects of Jock Horror

As its amazing flavors take over, its tastes of honey, sweet and spicy mix of nuts and berries will be lingering in your mouth. The major effects that can be felt are euphoric and very happy that leads to creativity for some people tend to be more creative especially but as the high mellows out, hungriness and relaxation will come front.

Medical Benefits of Jock Horror

This strain has good tendencies when alleviating stress depression and fatigue. And thanks for its potent effects, since this can make a relaxation that helps with insomnia and lacking of appetite.

Negative Effects of Jock Horror

The unlikely aftereffects are dry eyes and dry mouth followed by anxiety and dizziness.

Growing Jock Horror

In growing this strain, the experience is needed, for the developing stage need to have different lighting and temperature. It is also susceptible to common colds, which means, making it healthy is a challenge. But this can be done by feeding compost to plants or mulching. Trimming it first to hold it short as well as handling the Screen of Green exercise system should help increase its yield.