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Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was named after the Jimi Hendrix of the music industry, where it gives euphoria and wild mind while listening to its music, the same thing happens when a consumer starts to whiff this cannabis. This plant is the product of three great parents; the Jack Herrer, the Headband, and the Black Cheery Soda, all of them have a reputation in the weed world.

Flavor and Effects of Jimi Hendrix

Citrus lemon combined with sweet orange and a little hint of earth and pine, those are the flavors that will give you energy, the rush of creative ideas while you feel uplifted and euphoric, and very happy.

Medical Benefits of Jimi Hendrix

For advantages of this strain, it can help with people who have eating disorders to regain their taste buds and make them eat something. This is also had been a great help to a lack of appetite in cancer patients and survivors. Other than that, it can relieve headaches and cramps and easing depression.

Negative Effects of Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix can give a drying of the mouth effect after use; you would also feel dizzy and feel a little anxious.

Growing a Jimi Hendrix

For growers who want to grow Jimi Hendrix indoor, it is recommended to make use of the Screen of Green, for this can help a lot in aiming for high yield of your plant. It is always the yield that the growers are after, so when we talk about Outdoors, we can plant it outside, however, yield depends on the climate. Growers can also try hydroponics. It is much easier at the same time, and it can help to control pests on your Jimi Hendrix.

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