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Jim OG

The Bank Cannabis Genetics created Jim OG after combining 12 Year OG with Phishhead Kush. Jim OG to describe has a good contrasting combination of orange pistils that match very well with a faded green hue.

Flavor and Effects of Jim OG

This strain has an earthy spice with slight citrus taste at the end of exhaling. Most often, this is used to play as a sedative to give you a calm and relaxed feeling and in a euphoric state. This perfect strain can end a non-stop working day, with a bang on the couch.

Medical Benefits of Jim OG

Jim OG had been already a big comfort to the medical world; it can treat people going through anxiety, relieving chronic pain, sleeping disorders such as insomnia. And to those who are lacking appetite, this cannabis has a property that can make you hungry.

Negative Effects of Jim OG

After using Jim OG, the consumer might feel drying of the mouth together with the drying of the eyes.

Growing a Jim OG

Good about this cannabis, it is resistant to common colds and mildew. To grow a healthy Jim OG, it must be grown in a warm to a low humid environment. Most growers with experience use temperature controllers indoors to get the right amount of warm. It is hard to grow this strain outdoors, for it cannot stand the change of weather that it will be the cause of its drought and death. There should also be a constant topping the plant to ensure that every part fo it can breathe. And the last thing is proper ventilation.

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