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Jilly Dawg

A sativa-dominant strain that is named after the parents is a Jillybean, a taste of orange and the Chem 91, a taste of lemon, taste, and bursts of lemon orange mango and tropical fruits, the Jilly Dawg. This fruity aroma strain has a reputation to energize you and then will transform you into a sociable person.

Flavor and Effects of Jilly Dawg

A fruity-flavored strain, a mixture of mango with hints of citrus and pine that ends with an earthy diesel spicy fruit taste, who would not want to get high with these flavors As a connection to the fruity goodness, you can get a high that will make happy and uplifted; you will be soaring with ideas while you socialize with others.

Medical Benefits of Jilly Dawg

Jilly Dawg is also used for the sake of medical purposes such as stress, anxiety, aches, and pain and to treat people with depression. Some would be dealing with minor issues such as relieve for sleeping disorders and headaches.

Negative Effects of Jilly Dawg

Jilly Dawg must be used with caution for people who are easily got nervous, for it can cause anxiety and paranoia. You will also get dry mouth and eyes when this is used regularly

Growing a Jilly Dawg

If Jilly Dawg is grown indoors, there will be two options, the Sea of Green or the Screen of Green method. Both will work and can help largely with your yield. Trimming it once will be okay, unlike other strains that need maintenance and constantly trimming for the whole growing period. The blossoming period is within eight to nine weeks, so nurture it with nutrients and care.

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