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This marijuana strain from the group of breeders called The Bank Genetics instantly became a favorite of connoisseurs and newbies because of its various desirable traits. Such was the strain named Jiboo, a mostly sativa strain. Moreover, it was the result of the cross between the lineages of Tangie and Fall ’97 strains used in one of the breeding programs those breeders performed.

Flavor and Effects of Jiboo

Such a strong marijuana strain like Jiboo surprisingly carries flavors like citrus, berry sweet tastes that give smokers a nice appetizers to the kind high they are going to experience from smoking this weed. Total comfort accompanied by a feeling of euphoria, motivation, focus, energy, and inspiration shall make a good employee better and a meek person someone very sociable and talkative. It is possible also to be consumed during a gathering or party so as to induce yourself with the necessary uplifting high.

Medical Benefits of Jiboo

Most of the medicinal functions that this weed strain can perform for its users are common and may seem mild to some but definitely it depends on the person suffering from such conditions. Likewise, smoking this weed instantly puts a temporary end to illnesses like fatigue, stress, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, depression, menstrual cramps, and also migraine.

Negative Effects of Jiboo

Experiencing the sweet sedation that Jiboo strain delivers may just intensify the likelihood that they develop its side effects like the dryness of the eyes or nausea, too.

Growing Jiboo

Any marijuana strain with high sativa genes are expected to grow tall and to have long side branches, too. This may as for growers to apply SOG method to ensure the crops’ healthy growth.