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Jet Fuel

When you hear the word Jet Fuel, what comes to mind is the special fuel used in planes. You do not have to go that route, as today we look at a cannabis strain with the same name. What it does is to fuel you and get you feeling high for hours. In some cases, Jet Fuel is also called G6, which is also associated with a plane in a song. On the overall, you will end up soaring high in the sky while remaining couch-locked in your house.

Jet Fuel on overall is what you need for relieving stress and depression. This is thanks to having the best potency. The potency might leave some couch-locked. This improves as you get used to Jet Fuel. The strain is achieved by crossing High Country Diesel and Aspen OG strains.

Flavor and Effects of Jet Fuel

Having a parent strain with diesel genes, it means that you can also expect to experience a bit of diesel flavor. Well, in fact, that is the main flavor. The diesel overtones are then complemented by pine and sweet undertones. The flavor is good for anyone who loves using cannabis. The same diesel tone is experienced in the aroma together with woody and skunky aromas combined.

Just as the name suggests, Jet Fuel’s high will smash you hard. Once you start using the strain, it will only take a few minutes to notice that you are high. Once that happens, you will feel the cerebral high, combined with a giggly effect. It should be the best strain if you just want to relax and feel happy in the afternoon.

Medical Benefits of Jet Fuel

Jet Fuel is perfectfor giving you the best medical benefits. You will find it mostly being used to treat cases of migraines, fatigue, depression, stress, and mood swings. It should be something that makes you feel the need to use the strain even more often.

If you tend to have chronic headaches, then this strain can help ease them. You will not have to worry about the headaches getting in the way of you working.

Those with PTSD can also benefit from using Jet Fuel. You will love how the nightmares disappear as you can now have a restful night.

Negative Effects of Jet Fuel

As much as the Jet Fuel cannabis strain is good, there is also a catch when it comes to experiencing negative effects. You are likely to experience adverse effects such as the dry mouth and dry eyes, which can often be frustrating.

Growing Jet Fuel

The Jet Fuel strain is versatile as you can grow it either indoors or outdoors. It will take an average of 7 to 9 weeks to flower. As a result, you should be harvesting in no time. Jet Fuel can also grow tall up to 10 feet, so it might be good to grow it outdoors.

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