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Jesus may have an exceptional effect, but it was born in Seattle and not in Jerusalem. This strain is the offspring of Blue Dynamite and White Widow. This seamless strain can keep you high and very talkative when attending an event or even for just mini chitchat with some new friends.

Flavor and Effects of Jesus

The tropical taste of Jesus keeps a user energetic, happy, and relaxed while feeling uplifted. The combination of sour and sweet with a kick of earth and pine makes it perfect for an event like its making you feel sociable and talkative.

Medical Benefits of Jesus

In the medical world, Jesus is used to treating pain like headaches, stress, and depression. In some instances, insomnia and inflammation are relieved by Jesus the strain.

Negative Effects of Jesus

Jesus is really dry to mouth and throat, aside from its effects that make you dizzy, feel anxious, nevertheless, dry eyes is felt in some cases.

Growing a Jesus

Pruning and trimming tools can be of constant use for Jesus, because of its short stature that might be needed to trim from time to time. Its close buds should be cut and forward all nutrients to another side of the branch. Late September up to the middle of October is the best flowering time for Jesus, to point, indoors is recommended to be grown in a SOG (Sea of Green) for better yield. While outdoors, everything is good, thanks to this strain that it has resistant qualities against natures’ rage such strong winds and dust, if low humidity and the climate changes.

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