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Jesus OG

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Jesus OG shows to be a blessing from above for breeders for this strain will develop into a tall plant with abundant yields. You can grasp the citrusy Kush fragrance of this indica-leaning hybrid, along with soothing effects that relax the body while making the mind active and pacified.
This strain was bred by Subcool’s. The Dank as the not-so-immaculate conception of Hell’s OG and Jack the Ripper. When it comes to provocative cannabis strains, this strain has to in the list since one of the most irreligious cannabis titles in the scene, Jesus OG, paints the flavor when you consider where it came from as the name implies, while the effects will take you to a cloudy trip.

Flavor and Effects of Jesus OG 

The initial aroma floating up from this strain is of lime, spiked with an ammonia tang. There is also a light dank and sour scent that sneaks underneath, which is emphasized as nugs are broken open or burnt. When smoked, this strain hits smooth. As you breathe out, it gives a lingering flavor of herbs and lemon, which may be common to fans of Jack Herer, Jesus OG’s grandparent strain.

Medical Benefits of Jesus OG

This strain’s potent sativa qualities assist those who suffer from stress, anxiety, low mood, and depression with boosting and euphoric impressions. Coupling the cerebral effects with the powerful, relaxing body high that accompanies it, this is an exceptional strain for those searching to relieve aches and pains, with some opting to use Jesus OG as a remedy for Glaucoma as well as ADD or ADHD, headaches, and fatigue. If you are an enthusiast of communicative strains, the effects of this cannabis will be right up your street, with firm sativa characteristics that comfort both the body and mind and give you both loosened yet focused.

Negative Effects of Jesus OG 

This strain, just like most marijuana out there, implies a risk of going overboard and smoking more cannabis than your limit can take at one time. Although, you will not get overdosed on puffing marijuana, taking too much dosage can result in some bothersome consequences such as paranoia and mild panic. It is wise to consider the amount you will enjoy, especially those who are new with cannabis. Beginning with humble amounts and smoking your way up is an exceptional method of practicing safely and taking the most maximum out of your experience. Some sessions may also encounter dry eyes and dry mouth that is quite general in many cannabis strains, and this is not a bothering effect.

Growing Jesus OG

This strain can be happily grown indoors or out. The typically tall plants may do well in open-air settings where they can expand and optimize yield. However, outdoor growing calls for warm, Mediterranean-like climates with daytime warmth. Jesus OG flourishes within 8 to 9 weeks and gives more than average yield.