Jerusalem Express

Jerusalem Express is a sativa-dominant hybrid of the masters at Search Medical Cannabis Group. The latter combined the Mexican and the Havarra Wedding. This cannabis strain has a green type of nuds that is quite thick and trichomes with crystal looking shine.

Flavor and Effects of Jerusalem Express

The energizing flavors of coffee combined with the relaxing scent of floral and incense make this Sativa dominant cannabis to make you feel uplifted and focused while giving you energy all throughout the day. However, as the hit hits down, you will feel sleepy and hungry.

Medical Benefits of Jerusalem Express

A cerebral energizing plant such as Jerusalem Express can make feel better in your stress and depression, but most of all this strain is widely used to treat nausea and anxiety

Negative Effects of Jerusalem Express

Cerebral hitting strain can be a cause of headache, drying of your eyes, as well as your mouth. But, the overdose of Jerusalem Express can make you anxious over small things and most likely be paranoid.

Growing a Jerusalem Express

It is advantageous if you have a medium height plant, but the challenge is growing it indoor. Jerusalem Express’ height can range from medium to tall, so it is expected that if you want it to be grown indoors, it should be trimmed well, aside from pruning. This strain has a strong resistance to common diseases, so just give the usual nutrition and amount of water. The best blossoming time is during October.

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