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Jericho Haze

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Jericho Haze is a unique 100% pure Sativa cannabis strain that is a native Indian landrace then transferred and planted in the United States. This strain was backcrossed to maintain and preserve its excellent qualities, including taste and aroma and most of all its stimulating bodily impacts. This bud produces a traditional Sativa effect that elevated overall high. This can also inspire the mind to focus on productivity and concentrate for long hours.

 Flavor and Effects of Jericho Haze

The sweet fruity flavor is more on the melon sweetness and slight hints of earthy undertones. Your creative mind will play for it to be well energized and focused. The relaxing effect will come crawling in your mind that infuses a tingly effect from head to toes, till you feel that uplifting boost.

Medical Benefits of Jericho Haze

Chronic pain is much commonly treated by Jericho Haze, same as depression fatigue and nausea. Even patients that undergo chemo treatment can reverse the loss of appetite, the same effect on dealing with sufferers of anorexia.

Negative Effects of Jericho Haze

You can encounter the dryness of the mouth, and the drying of the eyes during the high, but other than that, paranoia will just exist in case of abusing the Jericho Haze.

Growing Jericho Haze

Jericho Haze is one f the strain that you must have more often for it has one of the best qualities. Using techniques sometimes can reduce the tastes so it is still advisable to use soil as your top 1 medium to ensure it can maintain and retain nutrients up to the inviting tastes.