Jenny Kush

One of the most notable names in the cannabis industry is Jenny Monson. She was very vocal as a cannabis activist. To honor her, a breeder decided to name a strain after her and hence, the birth of Jenny Kush. The best part is that most, if not all, proceeds from Jenny Kush are donated to her family.

Despite several people disputing the correct percentages of the different components, there are those who just want to enjoy it. The breeder, Rare Dankness Seeds, combined the strains Rare Dankness #2 and Amnesia Haze to come up with Jenny Kush. You are looking at a strain that can give you a long-lasting high and still deliver the best yield you will ever want from a strain.

Flavor and Effects of Jenny Kush

The flavor is one of the reasons the Jenny Kush strain is popular. People love just how delicious it is for them to keep using it. The berry flavor is the first you will experience before a combination of citrus and lemon flavors kick in. As you keep on using Jenny Kush, you will end up experiencing sweet and woody undertones too. As for the aroma, it is also possible to experience lemon, floral, and earthy aromas filling up the room.

Since Jenny Kush is evenly-balanced, it is expected that its effects would be a mixture of indica and sativa effects in equal measure. Jenny Kush’s high kicks in slowly but can become overwhelming in just a few minutes. During this time, you will feel creative, energized, and happy. Others claim that it leaves you feeling relaxed, and their moods generally improved.

Medical Benefits of Jenny Kush

If you have been experiencing medical conditions such as arthritis and chronic pain, then it would be great to consider Jenny Kush. Its relaxing effect helps to numb your pain and feel long-lasting for several hours.

Jenny Kush is also good for depression and stress treatment. Generally, Jenny Kush leaves you feeling happy so that you are no longer depressed. That is not all, as you can still use the same strain to deal with other conditions such as muscle spasms, migraines, seizures, insomnia, and inflammation.

Negative Effects of Jenny Kush

Jenny Kush will leave you having a feeling of dry eyes and mouth. This is common with most strains as the cannabinoids will interfere with the moisture production in the body. There are some who have experienced minor cases of dizziness when using Jenny Kush. This all goes away if you start hydrating again.

Growing Jenny Kush

The breeder recommends that you apply techniques such as soaking the seeds before planting them. This helps with faster germination for your new crop. Jenny Kush will need a bit of experience to grow it better.

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