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Jenni is a Sativa dominant strain created by the famous Peace Naturals Project Inc. of Canada, a licensed producer. This is known for its mild high that is suitable for everyone. You will enjoy the pointed buds with their fruity tangy aroma combined with earthy scent and blueberry undertones.

Flavor and Effects of Jenni

Jenni has a blueberry taste to enjoy with earthy undertones and hints of candy. Due to its THC level, this strain is quite mild in all aspects but still, satisfying euphoria will embrace your mind that will keep you happy and relaxed. The Uplifting followed by creativity is induced during the high.

Medical Benefits of Jenni

This cannabis strain is an exceptional option for an amateur who needs to manage aches and pain such as headaches and lumbar pain and migraines. This can also reduce de-stressing and other symptoms without the tension that often comes with too much THC. You may also be good for anorexia or a patient who lacks appetite.

Negative Effects of Jenni

You can experience dry mouth, dry eyes, and headaches if you took too much.

Growing Jenni

Jenni is easy to cultivate marijuana. All it needs are the basic needs from giving appropriate nutrients and water up to handling the plant itself that includes pruning and trimming. For growers, this is best when grown indoors where it can be well managed from its temperature, suitable lighting in each phase and for humidity, there should also be proper ventilation.