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Jean Guy

Jean Guy is a known phenotype of the strain called White Widow. It was bred in Quebec, Canada, from the House of the Great Gardener. It has a reputation that says. It provides energy, a hybrid perfect for a morning routine to keep you on the go for the day. Cannabis consumer

The consumers can’t get enough for this strain’s smell that includes sour and smell of citrus that has a great cerebral effect and an exceptionally strong and thick taste.

Flavor and Effects of Jean Guy

A sweet taste of citrus and that sour taste of lemon is combined that keeps the aftertaste more interesting and how it lingers on your palate. A high that any consumer would always look for, it can keep them going for the whole day and get the thing is done while It keeps them euphoric and happy, uplifted that ideas keep on coming.

Medical Benefits of Jean Guy

Jean Guy had been known to the cannabis world to provide comfort to people suffering from cancer and stress, depression, fatigue, and pain.

Negative Effects of Jean Guy

Anxiety and paranoia are the top effects of overdosing Jean Guy, aside from dry mouth and eyes.

Growing a Jean Guy

To enjoy the yield form this strain, Jean Guy must be well nurtured with proper care and nutrients. In connection with the nutrients, it should be gradually, for it can affect its density and growth. Tools for PH are needed, as well as the tools for pruning. When it comes to pests and diseases, this plant can survive. The best time for Jean Guy is during middle October. This hybrid might be hard to grow, but the return of all efforts is definitely worth it.

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