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Jawbreaker OG

Jawbreaker OG

What is Jawbreaker OG

Jawbreaker OG is the offspring of two great strains which are the Animal Cookies and Numbskull. This mostly Sativa strain was created by the famous breeder, the Enlightened Genetics. Since it has great parentages, rest assured that excellent marijuana experience is waiting for you after consuming this strain. This one is slowly becoming everyone’s favorite because of its growing capability as well as its medical contribution.

Medical Benefits of Jawbreaker OG

Are you one of those people who are struggling with stress every day If yes, then you should consider using this Jawbreaker OG since it is known to be a great stress reliever. Patients with depression and lack of appetite are also running to this one since it is effective in alleviating stress as well as getting back someone’s desire for food.

Effects of Jawbreaker OG Strain

Although there are no concrete reports about the effects that it can provide, people are saying that uplifted and euphoric feelings are very possible if you used this strain. They also said that consuming this one will help the users feel more motivated.

Growing Jawbreaker OG Info & Tips

According to those people who already have experience in growing the Jawbreaker OG, it is not complicated to grow and it doesn’t need any complicated growing knowledge and skills. When it comes to the settings, this one is said to grow in indoor, outdoor and greenhouse gardens. Once you opt to grow this one indoor, the expected flowering time is around 66 days. There are still no concrete data about the stature and yield for this plant. But for you to get the best yield and height, it is better if you give all the factors needed by this plant including the proper amount of light, humidity, and growing medium.