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Jawa Kush

Jawa Kush

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What is Jawa Kush

Jawa Kush is known for being an Indica dominant strain. This delectable strain is the offspring of the combination of Jawa Pie and Ghost OG and it was created by Ocean Grown. This strain has gained popularity in many places because of its greatness when it comes to giving great effects and medicinal contribution. This strain can provide mouthwatering essence of the tart with a note of spiciness, making the users craving for more of it. It is also renowned for having the flavor that will remind you of sugar cake with lemon gas as an undernote.

Medical Benefits of Jawa Kush

The medical contribution of Jawa Kush is one of the main reasons why users are aiming for this strain. This delectable strain is recommended for those patients who are battling pain, PTSD, stress, and insomnia. This is also suitable for those patients who are currently involved with a lack of appetite.

Effects of Jawa Kush Strain

Another notable thing about this Jawa Kush is its effects. More and more people are giving their attention to this strain because of its capacity to provide potent, dreamy and cerebral high. If you are a new user of strain, you have to be mindful of its dosage since it is not recommended for inexperienced users. Users of this strain are saying that its effects are capable of putting the stoners at ease with loosen body and clear mind.

Growing Jawa Kush Info & Tips

Many cultivators are now aiming to cultivate this plant since it is not complicated to grow. This plant usually takes 63 to 70 days before it produces its flowers. You also have to keep in mind that growing this strain in good condition will allow this plant to reach a height of 78 inches and a great amount of crop.

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