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The Jalisco marijuana strain is a sativa leaning variety with an unknown origin. It is, however, said to be imported from the Western Sierra Madre mountain range in Mexico. The flowers of the Jalisco plant are elongated rather than nugget-like. The leaves are lime green in color and are thoroughly covered by bright orange pistils and amber-colored trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Jalisco

The Jalisco cannabis gives out a very earthy and dank aromatic profile. When grounded, the buds release a combination of spicy and peppery notes. Despite these pungent profiles, the smoke is smooth and easy on the throat. The effect of the sativa leaning Jalisco cannabis plant is a creeper. It starts with a cerebral sensation that stimulates ideas and creativity. As the high progress, these mental acuity becomes foggy, and physical relaxation will start.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Jalisco

The Jalisco marijuana strain is very helpful in alleviating the mood of patients. This makes it a great bud to provide temporary respite for those struggling with stress, anxiety, and depression. Its subtle anti-inflammatory properties have also proved to be useful in treating headaches and migraines. Any lingering muscular tension will also be eliminated.

Negative Effects of Jalisco

Like most Mexican sativa strains, the Jalisco can trigger dry mouth and dry eyes. It is always best to keep a source of water nearby to combat these effects.

Growing Jalisco

The Jalisco plant can be grown in indoor and outdoor settings. They are relatively easy to grow, as they are resistant to adverse conditions. The plants also grow tall, so constant trimming is required, especially in the early vegetative process. Lastly, when grown outdoors, a hot climate is needed for the plant to successfully produce healthy yields.