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Jah Goo

Jah Goo is a pungent cannabis strain that came from unusual origins. The colorful combination of Purple Jasmine and Goo, Jah Goo is a gummy strain that was brought to North America by Canadian Vietnam veterans returning from Southeast Asia. Jah Goo displays alluring characteristics from both its parents that include bright pink hairs, multifaceted foliage, and plenty of trichomes. It is excellent in dealing with pain for its calming and relaxing effects.

As a result of its well-balanced genetics, Jah Goo strain shows the steadiness of its hybrid effects that will lift you then slowly taking you down. In the early hour or so of your high, the Sativa qualities of the strain will surely show that includes a sense of elation that just won`t go away along with the increase in focus to help you get through your day of work.

Flavor and Effects of Jah Goo

Cannabis users can expect a musky aroma of earth, pine, and berry to radiate from Jah Goo flower. Jah Goo presents mild cerebral stimulation, its most noticeable effects are physical. You can expect full-bodied relaxation from this marijuana strain, as well as sedation that will probably put less experienced cannabis users to sleep. For these reasons, Jah Goo is a perfect nighttime strain that is best for winding down after a long and exhausting day.

Medical Benefits of Jah Goo

The Jah Goo strain is perfect for patients of medical marijuana that are looking to relieve pain. They may turn to Jah Goo for its body-numbing properties. Since Jah Goo also produces mild euphoria, those who need relief from depression, stress, fatigue, and anxiety may also want to try Jah Goo. This marijuana strain is also said to provide consumers a good case of the munchies, so users who want to boost their appetite may also find Jah Goo useful.

Negative Effects of Jah Goo

Most of the strains usually share the same negative effect. Just like Jah Goo, it may also result in dryness of the mouth or decreased saliva production in salivary glands and dryness to the eyes that will lead to eye redness, light sensitivity, pain, and felling of foreign objects in the eye. Dehydration is also an adverse effect on smoking marijuana, so make sure to drink a lot of water to avoid the risks of dehydration.

Growing Jah Goo

This strain is not ideal for cannabis growers that lack experience or new in growing marijuana. Jah Goo is a strain that can be grown either indoor or outdoor. Make sure to feed the plant with natural plant food and expect to see a bountiful yield within a flowering time of 7 to 9 weeks.