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Jaco or also spelled as Jacko has been a staple to Germany for decades. No one knows the exact strain used to cross with the PAC-OLY P4 strain; it has been rumored that it was an Indian landrace sativa which was cultivated in Germany.

Flavor and Effects of Jaco

The flavor of the Jaco strain may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but cat piss should give it a go. This weed also exudes skunk and tarty taste that mixes perfectly with cat piss.

The high is very uplifting, providing uncontrollable giggles and laughter that will make you very friendly. The effect also gives an extraordinary amount of energy and creativity, which can make you the most productive and happy person in the office.

Medical Benefits of Jaco

The effects of using this marijuana can increase serotonin in our brain, which can help in the regulation of sleep, mood, anxiety, and appetite. This can also counter depression and works as a pain reliever, may it be for deep-seated pain or due to illness.

Negative Effects of Jaco.

Some patients felt mild headache or dizziness before the high took effect; such occurrence is normal and only temporary. However, if taken by new patients in higher doses, it may lead to paranoid thinking. Additionally, this marijuana causes dry mouth and eyes to experienced and casual smokers alike.

Growing Jaco

The best way to cultivate this cannabis is outdoors and harvest it between late September to the early weeks of October. It has a high resistance to molds and spider mites, so a little rain should not cause panic.