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Jack’s Dream

An offspring of Jack Herer and the Blue Dream, a legend of California for its empowering heavy physical high, qualities that have been inherited by Jack’s Dream from the parent, aside from the tall height.
Jack’s Dream is highly recommended for a relaxing day with enjoyment. It can also be a good option for a stimulating and sit-back the day of reading and calming chill time.

Flavor and Effects of Jack’s Dreams

The burst of energy while being sociable and creative will be the result of tasting this sweet, skunky taste of sweet berries on your palate. The after-effects are the interesting calmness you will feel that readies your body for the next day’s stress.

What are the medical advantages of Jack’s Dreams

Take advantage of the strains benefits such as reducing chronic pain, migraines, cramps around your body while treating depression, over fatigue, and minor inflammation.

Negative Effects of Jack’s Dreams

Overdosage may result in a nervous reaction, anxiety, and paranoia, while usual usage may cause dryness of mouth and eyes that may lead to irritation and eye pressure.

Growing Jack’s Dreams

Constant pruning is a technique used to watch out for Jack’s Dream; starters tend to have difficulty when taking care of this strain, for it will require an effort and time adjustment. In can be both good for indoor and outdoor, however, outdoor set-up can be inviting to red spider mite. Unfortunately, there is no cure for that, just make sure to keep your plant healthy by exposing it to organic fertilizer to make it healthy and enough water to avoid wilting.

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