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Jack’s Cleaner

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TGA Subcool bred Jack’s Cleaner by combining the two well-chosen strains that showed excellent qualities, and these are The Cleaner and Jack Herer. The strain has a mild potency but sends a body buzz that is recommended for everyday use either morning or evening use to make friends and chat around or finishing all your tasks for the day.

Flavor and Effects of the Jack’s Cleaner

Jack’s Cleaner has a distinct flavor from earthy lemon with a kick of fuel. The common effect of this strain is more on the energizing effect that makes you feel creative in a state of euphoria. You will be more focused and oozing with confidence that allows you to be more sociable and happy.

Medical Benefits of Jack’s Cleaner

Use this strain to reduce your symptoms of anxiety, fatigue, stress, and bipolar disorders. Its’ CBD level has also shown that it is perfect for arthritis, chronic pain, eye pressure, fibromyalgia, inflammation, and insomnia.

Negative Effects of Jack’s Cleaner

Aside from feeling the dryness of your eyes and mouth, this can also cause paranoia if too much was taken.

Growing Jack’s Cleaner

To grow Jack’s Cleaner healthily, this must be supervised by pruning and trimming. A method that might also help is planting using hydroponics. This can be done either indoor or outdoor set-up. Hydroponics has many purposes, from water and nutrient conservation to rapid growth for your Jack’s Cleaner, and of course, in improving the yield thrice and more.