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Jack Wreck

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Jack Wreck is the offspring of Jack Herer, medical cannabis that offers a clear-headed high and the Trainwreck that is very true to its name. It has an intensity that is psychedelic and hits hard. Combining all the good qualities made this strain complete and perfect for daytime use.

Flavor and Effects of the Jack Wreck

Enjoy the sweetness of citrus and lemon with an energizing effect that will you feel uplifted and happy, same with the creative euphoric high that drives you to enjoy arts and music or even planning events.

Medical Benefits of Jack Wreck

Jack Wreck is usually used in pain, stress, and fatigue. The CBD level has also proven to be good in treating depression and light insomnia, so if you are looking for something to provide a long-lasting sleep for your severe sleep disorder, then this is not for you.

Negative Effects of Jack Wreck

After the happy hour with the Jack Wreck, then you are suffering from a dry mouth and dry eyes and a little paranoia with dizziness.

Growing Jack Wreck

Planting strain in hydroponics had been already extremely used for cannabis growers. Indoor or outdoor, this will be very beneficial in a lot of ways. So if you are in any area, especially with places with minimum size, this is your best option. Another tip in growing Jack Wreck, must also be prune and trim, to ensure that the height will not be anywhere, thus, controlling it is important.