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Jack Widow

True to a spiders name the Black Widow, the effects of Jack Widow is somewhat the same with that of the spider. It can take you to heights but will bring you down slowly but not so veg-type of state opposite to other strain, those that lift you high and bring you down with a bang.
This Indica-dominant is a cross-breeding result of White Widow and the Jack Herer, suitable for a night time use before you surrender yourself to bed.

Flavor and Effects of Jack Widow

Jack Widow has an intense taste of Lemon that goes along with skunk and sweet that often ends up with that kick and the subtle touch of spice. This strain is a good relaxant at the end of the day that will send you off from a happy and euphoric state up to the intense feeling of sleepiness, the long-time effects of Sativa.

Medical Benefits of Jack Widow

Good effects of the Jack Widow include the reverse of stress, getting you to sleep, and an antidepressant to people who suffers depression.

Negative Effects of Jack Widow

Adverse effects of the Jack Widow is just limited to drying of mouth to the throat, drink plenty of water to help you address that reaction

Growing Jack Widow

Jack Widow is a great addition to your plants because this strain goes very well indoors. This type of plant has a disease, mold, and mildews resistant qualities, but due to its quick flowering time, it’s recommended to go through prune, a technique once in a while to maintain its healthy condition.

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