Jack Kush

Jack Kush is hard to grow, but exceptional qualities can provide highly relaxing, and invigorating effects are all worth it. After Med-Man Company blended the Jack Herer and the Lemon OG Kush, they created a sweet but dangerous hybrid, Jack Kush.

Flavor and Effects of Jack Kush

The mix flavor and scent of the lavender, citrus orange, and the relaxing scent of Jasmine to boost your creative side and give you energy throughout the day.

Medical Benefits of Jack Kush

Jack Kush can handle pain and stress other than the sharp kicks cause of migraines.

Negative Effects of Jack Kush

Limit yourself in using this strain, because Jack Kush can kick you with a paranoid state and anxiety that is hard to handle that will keep you up all night. People who have been using this in none abusing manner can go through the drying of the mouth, nausea, and dry eyes.

Growing Jack Kush

Taking care of Jack Kush is a little bit of hard, that is why, only growers with patience and experiences have the guts to grow this cannabis, however, if you are a newbie who just wants to try cultivating this strain, it is advised to pre-prepare soil that you will need, including the mulching. Mulching is simply done by disseminating organic materials in to your area; in this way, it can retain water that can prevent it from drought even if you forgot to water it. Jack Kush is a piece of hard work, so prepare your time and effort if you really want to have a taste of this strain.

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