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Jack Flash

Jack Flash

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Jack Flash stands out as one of the top options when it comes to an award-winning strain. It has won multiple awards, such as the Dutch High Life Cup held in 1988. With such a fantastic reputation dating back decades, it is easy to see why people love Jack Flash. It was bred by a Dutch company by crossing Jack Herer, Super Kunk, and Haze.
Jack Flash is quite interesting when it comes to how you feel while high on it. Jack Flash comes with a full-body high that is still not too intense. You will always feel it is balanced to leave you relaxed, but not too much that you start getting sleepy. It might take a few minutes for the high to kick in, but when it does, it should be worth it.

Flavor and Effects of Jack Flash

You can never go wrong when using Jack Flash thanks to its overall flavor. With the multiple parents used in coming up with Jack Flash, it ends up with multiple flavors for you to enjoy. The strain gives off a citrus flavor combined with lemon undertones too. You will also experience sweet and woody hints in the same flavors.
Jack Flash leaves you with a body high as one of its effects. If you just want to relax without the high being overwhelming, then this is the strain for you. Jack Flash is also good for making people more sociable. There is no doubt you will have some of the best conversations in the company of friends.
Other effects of the strain include being happy, euphoria, and feeling creative.

Medical Benefits of Jack Flash

Generally, Jack Flash is good for handling various medical conditions too. The first one is chronic pain and related conditions. The body high is good to keep the pain at a minimum so that you feel relieved.
Jack Flash is also good for those experiencing loss of appetite. This is because one of its side effects is that you feel hungry. You can now have a better eating habit with the strain.
Other medical benefits include treating conditions such as PMS, PTSD, migraines, insomnia, and fatigue.

Negative Effects of Jack Flash

It is recommended to use Jack Flash in moderation, as it tends to have a psychedelic cerebral high. Also, just like most strains, it is likely to lead to having a dry mouth and dry eyes. As you know, these two are not a big deal, as, with proper hydration, you should be okay.

Growing Jack Flash

Jack Flash needs moderate skills to grow. You just need a few gardening skills to start growing the strain. Since it grows too tall heights, it is better to grow it outdoors. Jack Flash will also need regular trimming as part of maintenance.