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Jack Diesel

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Jack Diesel was created by crossing the two super well-known strains, the Jack Herer and NYC Diesel. This strain offers a distinct high that is quite stimulating for you to do tons of listed tasks intended for a day.

Jack Diesel is famous for its calming and scent of fruits mixed with flowers combined with hints of the fuel-like smell. It has a strong aroma of the deep green hued bud of a flower that can touch your nose even if you are way too far.

Flavor and Effects of the Jack Diesel

The strong diesel is overwhelming with earthy flavors that will be combined with its woody taste and citrus lemon to enjoy that are sweet to experience. The energy will be raised up with your system that engages happily with your creativity that is boosting with uplifting effects and a little bit giggly on everything.

Medical Benefits of Jack Diesel

This strain manages well in reducing the depression and when you are feeling the stress level is increasing, that sometimes leads to having anxiety, and in some instances, this is slightly good with treating fatigue inflammation, and aches. From common headaches to chronic pain such as lower back pain and from injuries as well.

Negative Effects of Jack Diesel

After consuming this strain, common symptoms are dry mouth, but occasionally especially when there is overdosing involve, light dizziness, dry eyes and a little kick of headache associated with paranoia will likely surface.

Growing Jack Diesel

Jack Diesel can be grown indoors and outdoors but the possible problem is usually with its height. This strain is quite tall, so pruning or removing dead branches must be done, including the topping, the main reason it is not just for controlling the growth but it enhances the circulation of nutrients around the plant aside from exposing the lower branches and stalks to sunlight and air. Another most effective outdoor method is mulching; this is done by using fruit peels and the bark of trees. The process starts by shredding the materials and putting them on the soil. This is beneficial to both soil and plant for this can overpower the weed reproduction, which results in all nutrients will be evenly distributed to all plants and not the unwanted grass. This has been also a favorite method for retaining moisture in the soil keeping the batch very hydrated especially if there will be a longer sunny day keeping the ground very dry and the humidity will also be balanced as well. Another thing about Mulching, it has been also proven to prevent soil corrosion particularly for sudden changes in weather or heavy rain.