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Jack 47

Jack 47

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A combination of two excellent hybrids called Jack Herrer and AK-47was able to have an offspring named after the combination of their names, the Jack 47. This was created by the Sweet Seeds for the main reason to take good characteristics from the parents. As a result, a unique hybrid with a well-known reputation on production and the extraordinary hit it can give a user, even the veterans still seek for this variety for its exceptional effect and production

Flavor and Effects of Jack 47

The inviting flavors that Jack 47 can offer are tastes of blended citrus, lemon, and lime; the sweet honey meets the spicy taste of chemicals. The high effects that it can provide are the euphoric type of happiness but way too relaxing while the feeling of being giggly and energetic start when it sets down.

Medical Benefits of Jack 47

Jack 47 is used for the betterment of eye pressure; it can also be used to treat depression, inflammation, and fatigue. Other cases include anorexia and depression.

Negative Effects of Jack 47

Drying of the mouth and eyes are the unwanted secondary effect of using the Jack 47.

Growing Jack 47

Thanks to the qualities of Indica, that makes Jack 47 a good plant for beginners who wants to try it by themselves. The strong stature can make this plant ideal for unstable changes in wind and climate conditions. Nevertheless, just don’t forget to give an effort with the nutrients where you can use organic products or fruit peels to help it boost nutrients in its soil.

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