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Jabbas Stash

Jabba’s Stash

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Jabba’s Stash is the result after crossing the hybrid Bubba Kush and Snow Lotus from Bodhi Seeds. Just like its name characters, Jabba, the enormous with lots of undefined qualities, Jabba’s Stash has unique properties that would just be a good use for the evening routine and nighttime chilling time. It will satisfy you with a high that seems very uplifting, and the after-effects are, even more, better for it can leave you like the dead on the couch feeling, worry-free, and relaxed.

Flavor and Effects of Jabba’s Stash

An enticing taste that will fill your palate is within the Jabba’s Stash bud, the mix of spicy flavors together with the deep stinging taste of pepper with citrus and undertone of herbs. This hybrid can give you a very nice feeling of being relaxed and euphoric but end you to a very nice sleep.

What are the m edical Benefits of Jabba’s Stash

A cannabis strain that can ease your way to chronic pain and anxiety while helping you to have a good night’s sleep. Jabba’s Stash can also treat depression and stress.

Negative Effects of Jabba’s Stash

Side effects that will occur when overdosed are the dryness of mouth and eyes.

Growing Jabba’s Stash

To prevent this strain from dying because of diseases since this is known to be very susceptible to plant diseases, there should be constant checking of its leaves. It should also be kept from exposure from the cold and damp conditions. It can attract pests and mildew, as well.