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J1 strain is also known as Jack One. You should not think that it is a different strain. J1 is an offspring after crossing Jack Herer and Skunk No.1. Right now, it should be easy to see where it gets the name J1. J1 is quite famous thanks to its potency. Its potency is enough to keep you feeling good for several hours, but still have a clear head.
For its effects, J1 can be great to use even during the daytime. As much as you will be baked, you still feel good and stay awake. J1 also helps you focus better and energized. As a result, it is not the right strain to use when you have to head to bed.

Flavor and Effects of J1

J1 inherits not only the best effects from its parents but also the flavors. It is the reason you end up enjoying multiple fruity flavors with it. At first, the strain has a citrus flavor, which later morphs into a lemon, pine, and sweet flavors. That is a rich combination of flavors that should leave you excited to use J1.
The sativa-dominance effects make it possible to end up with a cerebral high rather than a body high. It is the reason those who use J1 end up feeling energized, focused, and euphoric at the same time. Also, most claim to feel their moods improved, as they feel happy all the time on the strain.

Medical Benefits of J1

Sativa-dominant strains are often associated with multiple medical conditions. As for this one, it can help alleviate conditions such as chronic pain. The overall high that you get with the strain is enough to get you relaxed and numb your pain.
J1 is also good for depression. This is because those who use it end up having a laughter-filled conversation. Being happy for several hours should definitely help you forget about the problems you might be facing.
Those who use J1 also claim it is good for treating loss of appetite. It is then great to consider using the strain if you want to eat better if you have lost your appetite before.

Negative Effects of J1

J1 might be good for various medical applications, but it also has some drawbacks. You would want to keep yourself hydrated when using J1, as sometimes it can leave you with a dry mouth and itching eyes.

Growing J1

This is one of the easiest strains to grow. You should expect it to be resistant to molds, pests, and diseases. It is then great for many people looking to start growing marijuana in their home. As for the yield, J1 comes with a moderate yield, which is still good for the maintenance required to grow it.