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Ivan Ooze

Ivan Ooze

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The Ivan Ooze is a mix of indica and sativa variety. Some cannabis experts say it shows more of an indica. It comes from the infamous genes of two mixed strains, which are the Diego and Purple Sauce strains. It produces medium yield and high potency level. It has a lemon peach aroma and has medicinal properties.

Flavor and Effects of an Ivan Ooze

This strain has more fruity and lemon peach flavors. After a couple of smokes, you can taste an earthy undertone or aftertaste. It takes you to a euphoric vibe while feeling high. It also brings a relaxing and energizing effect on the body.

What are the Medical Effects of Ivan Ooze

The medical effects of this strain are known to be anxiety relief. It calms your nerves and makes a good antidepressant. It also helps treat patients with chronic pains, gastrointestinal diseases, muscle spasms, migraine, and inflammation.

Negative Effects of an Ivan Ooze

The negative effects that you can expect to experience in this strain are short term. You can expect dizziness, dryness of the mouth and eyes, paranoia, uncontrollable behavior, and increased heart rate. You can also feel aggressive and even moody.

Growing Ivan Ooze

To successfully grow an Ivan Ooze strain, you need to keep in mind that it needs patience and basic knowledge. It is important that you know the processes you are taking in growing the plant. You need to prepare first the needed resources such as light, water supply, area, vitamins that can be added in soil or water, and other things that can be of help.

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