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Island Poison

The offspring of three hybrids called Durban Poison, Trainwreck, and Afghan, the idea was well thought of by Washington’s Treehawk Farms.
Island Poison, taken from its name, is mixed with an aroma and ambiances of an island imagination, where you can picture out a relaxing scene with tropical stuff such as sweet fruits, everywhere. This strain is best to use with friends where socializing meets vacations, drinking tropical beverages together with your friends

Flavor and Effects of Island Poison

Imagine yourself in n Island while relaxing. You will feel energetic and happy while it can give you a subtle effect of euphorically uplifted by the sweet, tropical pine flavors of Island Poison.

Medical Benefits of Island Poison

As a poison can do in a nice way, it puts you in a calm mood to relaxed you and eliminates traces of anxiety, treats pain, stopping insomnia depression lessen depression.

Negative Effects of Island Poison

Anxiety and paranoia are just part of the minor reactions of Island Poison, aside from the dry mouth and eyes which are major negative reactions

Growing Island Poison

Indoor set up is a struggle for this strain due to its height; that is why most growers who want to cultivate this strain prefers outdoor. Just remember, even with the outdoor environment, constant cutting off its top from the time it starts to grow is a must to control the height, it will also be very beneficial to grow a healthier Island Poison flowers and rising buds.

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