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Island Haze

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Island Haze is a great strain that was resulted from crossing the Cannalope Haze and Blue Jam (Atomic Haze x Blueberry). the offspring was a blast of double doses inherited from the parents. This strain can be a good addition if you are having a hard time pushing yourself to focus and study. The Island Haze will be a great part of your morning routine.

Flavor and Effects of the Island Haze

This fruity flavored sweetness and the earthy taste have high regard when it comes to its effects. it will make you euphoric and very creative aside from giving you a happy mind and thoughts that will boost around your day.

Medical Benefits of Island Haze

Island Haze has been very effective in assisting with depression and reducing fatigue in the body. The uplifting effects have been very helpful in reducing the stress as well, good for veterans experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder

Negative Effects of Island Haze

As for negative effects, the drying of the mouth area and the eyes are just the usual effects, but if too much was consumed, expect an eye pressure after.

Growing Island Haze

Island Haze can be trained by using the Screen of Green method. This technique is very beneficial to lower nodes of the plant that can be exposed to sunlight and air. This can be done basically by weaving the branches on the screen or wires and pile them up horizontally. As hard as it looks but it is not, all you need is just patience in installing the ScrOG set-up.