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Iron Cindy

Iron Cindy

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The Iron Cindy is one of the amazing collaborations of infamous Metal Haze and Cinderella 99. It resulted in a strong mixed indica/sativa variety.

It shows a very true haze and highly unique attributes. Its aroma is not that pleasant compared to other strains but creates a good outcome.

Flavor and Effects of Iron Cindy

This strain has a spot on haze flavor. It is quite unpredictable because of its smell but it gives an immediate rock as you continue to smoke this strain. It takes you to a euphoric vibe and produces an overwhelming power.

What are the Medical Effects of Iron Cindy

It is natural for this cannabis to have medicinal properties. It is commonly used to treat body conditions such as inflammation, gastrointestinal diseases, chronic pains and muscle spasms. It also cures insomnia and lack of appetite.

Negative Effects of Iron Cindy

The negative effects of this strain are minimal and can be experienced in any other strain. However, if used regularly, it might leave a long term damage to your body and mind. At first, you will notice dryness of your mouth and eyes. After a while, you can expect to feel dizzy and act strangely. It makes you feel paranoid and sometimes lost and confused.

Growing Iron Cindy

The Iron Cindy is recommended to be cultivated indoors in a secure place. It is not susceptible to molds and can easily acquire stress. Make sure that you are able to attend and meet the demands of this plant to successfully grow this type of marijuana. It is also good to be planted directly in soil and reacts well in a dry climate. Don’t forget to water it from time to time as it needs a lot of water.