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Irene OG

Irene OG

The Irene OG strain has a distinct sour smell that you cannot miss in a room. Irene OG has its roots in the United States, where most breeders exist anyway. It is common to find some people disputing about the percentages of each compound, but what we know is that it hails from OG Kush genetics.
It is common that sometimes, you will find it being referred to as Irene Kush. When you see it, just know it is the same strain. On the overall, it will leave you experiencing an invigorating body high. This is also mixed with a bit of cerebral and light high. As a result, Irene OG is good to keep you feeling high for several hours.

Flavor and Effects of Irene OG

The strain is amazing with the number of flavors that you can get from it. When you inhale it at first, it can be strong even for experienced users. However, it eases into your taste buds to make it taste even better. It will offer you sweet and fruity flavors. Most people claim it tastes like berries, butter, and lemons as you keep using it.
Being a sativa-leaning strain, it is good in terms of the cerebral high that you get. Others tend to feel creative so that they can think better as their mind is better focused. Irene OG will leave you feeling euphoric, happy, uplifted, and focused on overall.

Medical Benefits of Irene OG

Anyone going for Irene OG strain is hoping to get some medical benefits with it. So, what are some of the conditions it can help relieve Well, Irene OG is known to be great for treating arthritis. This is because of the high you get will help in numbing the pain even further. The same applies to those who suffer from joint pains.
For its soothing effects, Irene OG is also good for stress, depression, and fatigue. Most people would feel that their mood is improved whenever they use Irene OG.
Those who have a problem sleeping can also benefit from using the strain. This is because it can help alleviate cases of insomnia.
Other conditions it may relieve include bipolar disorder, nausea, and PTSD.

Negative Effects of Irene OG

Irene OG is likely to have some adverse effects on those who are not used to the strain’s high THC levels. The best part is that you get used to it fast. The strain is likely to leave the user feeling dry in the mouth. Just make sure you get proper hydration while using it.

Growing Irene OG

As compared to other popular strains, Irene OG is generally easy to grow. Even those who are novice growers should have an easy time growing it. It is better to grow the strain in the warm outdoor climate for the best yield.