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Iranian Diesel

Iranian Diesel

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The Iranian Diesel is infamous for its high potency level. It has an amazing background that entices expert growers and smokers. It is the result of the combination of Sour Diesel and Iran genes.

This strain gives off a strong smell of mixed fuel and sour diesel. It grows tall and with vigor. It carries many branches and dense buds with overflowing resins.

Flavor and Effects of Iranian Diesel

You can easily identify the flavors of cannabis just by its smell. This strain consists of sour, diesel, and fuel tastes that get even stronger after several puffs. It has a high THC level that will give an immediate strong head buzz. It makes you feel totally awakened yet deeply relaxed.

What are the Medical Effects of Iranian Diesel

This strain is used to prevent patients from depression, anxiety, and severe stress. It is also used to treat medical conditions such as chronic pains, muscle spasms, migraine, inflammation, and digestive disorders including lack of appetite.

Negative Effects of Iranian Diesel

The negative effects of this strain do not last long. However, it can greatly affect your mind and body. It can also expose risks to those who have existing medical conditions that are not advisable or cannot be treated with cannabis. You can experience paranoia, increased heart rate, dryness of the mouth, dizziness or headache, and late reaction.

Growing Iranian Diesel

In order to successfully grow cannabis, it is recommended that you put the plant in a SOG (sea of green) set up. It is suitable for this type of strain and it yields a great number of flowers. It is also very good for the plants to be cultivated outdoors since it grows taller. You can prune and cut some branches in order to give way for more possible flowering buds. Put some stakes beside the plant for support.

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