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Ingemars Punch

Ingemar’s Punch

The Ingemar’s Punch is an Indica-Sativa hybrid. It shows very commendable characteristics that were inherited from its parent strain. Its genes come from the combination of Sweet Skunk and Master Widow.

This strain appears to have very majestic shades of green and sweet aroma scent. It bears potent buds, which creates heavy and thick smoke.

Flavor and Effects of Ingemar’s Punch

This strain gives you an intense flavor of sweetness that is not harmful to your throat. Its effect will give you a strong buzz and a starter kick that immediately takes you to a high stoned feeling. It brings a very nice feeling and giggly mood, which will make you happy the entire time.

What are the Medical Effects of Ingemar’s Punch

The medical effects of this cannabis are beneficial and perform well in alleviating depression, stress, and insomnia. It cures medical conditions such as inflammation, Crohn’s diseases, chronic pains, and muscle spasms.

Negative Effects of Ingemar’s Punch

Any amount of marijuana or cannabis consumed affects mostly the mind. It will make you feel paranoid as the sedation takes high in your system. It also shows dryness of your mouth and eyes and makes you feel immovable and confused sometimes. It does not always have a long term effect, but when regularly used, you can expect to be addicted.

Growing the Ingemar’s Punch

The common growing techniques that are suitable for this kind of strain are SOG and hydroponics. You can apply either one of them and make sure to properly perform the growing process to yield good results. Also, it is recommended to create a daily note of your plants’ status as you continue to check them everyday. Allow them to absorb much water when directly planted in soil and expose them to a well-balanced temperature light. You can improvise your own or make an effort to transfer them outdoors when it has a daylight kind of weather.

Best Place To Buy Ingemar’s Punch

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Excelent (9.5)

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