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Incredible Hulk

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The Incredible Hulk parents were from the well-respected Sativas, the Green Crack, and Jack Herer. Very well known for its boosting spirits high, the Green Crack is uniquely invigorated and motivated completely. Meanwhile, Jack Herer is great energy. Fortunately, the offspring was able to leave up to the expectations and was able to inherit all the best qualities.

Flavor and Effects of the Incredible Hulk

The enjoyable taste of blueberry and pineapple then twisted with the flavors and combination of pine and earthy skunk undertones as well. You will find yourself having spirits uplifted, thus boosting you with confidence and a great ball of energy. The euphoric state of happiness won’t be bending by any negative news at the moment. And to sum it all up, socializing is your forte, and you will be talkative and chatty al throughout the entire high.

Medical Benefits of Incredible Hulk

The severe depression and fatigue associated with loss of appetite due to major to minor problems had been well taken care of by this strain; it was well reduced to the minimum, including headaches and inflammation, balancing mood swings, and lastly, nausea.

Negative Effects of Incredible Hulk

During the session, at your first whiff, you will find yourself having a dry mouth and eyes due to the smoke and its THC level. For some instances, too, the headache and feeling queasy will be evident, but as long as you have it controlled and in great moderation, paranoia won’t be part of the subject for adverse effects.

Growing Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk is an easy to grow strain to start with; all the positivity when it comes to nurturing is easier to administer, no matter if from indoor or outdoor. Outdoor planting can be much cheaper and easier, for you will be using nature’s way of growing plants, but the problem will come arising if it comes to sudden changes in weather and temperature the same as with the heavy rains. This can also be easier outdoor because it is a tall plant, therefore, if you don’t care about the height with neighbors peeping, then that won’t be a problem as long as it is legal in your area but if not, then you should, top it during early days to make sure it will still be manageable.

On the other hand, indoor planting can be fine, but it will cost a little much more than the outside. You need to mimic the temperature needed by the plant, which means that a need for a controllable environment is highly advised, including the lighting, temperature, and humidity. Also, the proper ventilation should be set up, or it will be a major cause to have molds in all your batch.