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In The Pines

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In The Pines is a great strain created by crossbreeding three proven potent strains with unique qualities, and these are the Pineapple Thai, Master Kush, and Pineapple. They were all chosen for a certain reason such as the Pineapple Thai, sets to be having high levels of CBD thus making it very therapeutic, then Master Kush, quite impressive sturdy stature end even better numbing effects on the body, then the last but not the least, Pineapple, true to its name, a zest strain that reduces stress limitless.

In the Pines, boast its CBD to have a psychedelic effect that can control some elements. Whiff of this strain will take you to a stimulating stage because of its woody aroma with a hint of citrus smell with a damp, wet soil from the rain that was washed away by the ground and drizzle.

Flavor and Effects of the In The Pines

When you want a taste of pine mixed with an earthy that is quite tangy on the taste like the fruity citrus flavors mix is very exciting to the buds. When you want to fill your energy in the morning or in the afternoon, which can help you solve, then try the In the Pines, for it can combine the first with an uplifting spirit and quite very focused as you feel happier and relaxed.

Medical Benefits of In The Pines

Due to its high CBD, In The Pines can be used often for reducing inflammation, dealing with the pain that had been chronic such as constant headaches, lower back pains, migraines, and headaches. Insomnia will be reversed to get you to sleep soundly, the same as getting rid of nausea and stress.

Negative Effects of In The Pines

After consuming, you might feel a very dizzy and dry mouth. You can also be experiencing during the session to have a headache and paranoia, and dry eyes that eventually be irritated then causes red-eye pressure.

Growing In The Pines

In the Pines can be very sensitive to stress, such to mention are maybe because of various factors from temperature, sunlight, and humidity. At some point, this plant has to be top or trim at an early age, not only just to control the growth that will rapidly change as the day goes by, but also to expose the lower nodes to have better sunlight absorption and at the same time, it is like renewing from old branches. Another method is to pruning or removing unwanted branches to return the flow of the nutrients to other branches or the same as even distribution to make it healthier. Some growers prefer to have it indoors where it can be controlled, thus making it easier to grow.