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Ice Cream

Ice Cream

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This strain gives the consumers the kind of hit which is as fast as a Ferrari. So it’s an award-winning cultivar from Paradise Seeds. It won several awards from the 2008 and 2009 Highlife Cup and Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup 2009. Though the lineage is unknown, it’s an Indica-leaning variety. But there’s also Sativa phenotype that has the description of having thin leaves and can give off mild hallucinogenic effect.

It produces green buds with reddish hairs and covered with frosty trichomes. It was named €˜Ice Cream’ due to its delightful aroma and vanilla ice cream taste. It has a balanced effect that can make you feel relaxed without knocking you down. It is recommended to take in the evening or at night.

Flavor and Effects of Ice Cream

Inhaling this bud will let you enjoy the creamy and sweet honey-like with few added nuts taste. This flavor will enthrall your palate for sure. The effect may start with its smell because it’s wonderful. Its gentle buzz will uplift a person’s mood and it remains constant. It’s not too intense or psychedelic. If this weed is taken too much, it may make you giggle and laugh at just about little things.

After the head high, it relaxes every bit of your muscle. It does not put someone into the couch-lock state but instead, it buds happiness.

Medical Benefits of Ice Cream

It can enhance the focus of adults who have ADD and ADHD. It can increase appetite so it’s used to battle eating disorders and appetite loss. It can also deal with nausea. It is used to relieve pain and aches from arthritis, PMS and other chronic pain. It alleviates symptoms of mental disorders like stress and depression.

Negative Effects of Ice Cream

This strain also leaves its users with dry mouth and red, itchy eyes that are common when using marijuana. These can be reversed by drinking a lot of water or fluids. High doses may bring anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness.

Growing Ice Cream

This weed can thrive within outdoor and indoor cultivation. It prefers a warm climate but it develops well in the northern regions of The Netherlands, UK, and Canada. The sunshine would make its buds more resinous. It grows into a multi-branch plant so Sea of Green method suits this plant. Indoor plantation is ideal for this strain where you can control temperature, humidity, lighting, and ventilation.

You can expect to harvest from your outdoor plantation in the first or second week of October. It should be protected from diseases, mold, mildew and pest infestation. Overwatering will harm marijuana plants so water them when the soil is high and dry or you can check the pot’s bottom.