Hustler Kush

The Hustler Kush was bred by the Greenworks. It is a well-known breed as a result of crossing the Chemdawg 91 and the OG Kush, both strong cannabis too of in their own league. From the word itself as €œhustler,€ it was listed in the top 40 strongest strain the world. High times awarded the Hustler Kush last 2014, and when it comes to its effect, it is a must to use this only during the night because of the long-lasting high impacts.

Flavor and Effects of Hustler Kush

The strong flavors of Hustler Kush are lemony and earthy. You can also taste the pine mixed with the diesel, not so strong tones. Hustler Kush promotes a body and mind relaxation that will result to euphoric and uplifted feeling. After energizing the body, it will slow down to a very lazy mood.

Medical Benefits of Hustler Kush

This strain can help you alleviate the pain, stress, and tension in your body. Aside from that, it aids in eye pressure, helps you to eliminate insomnia and nausea, as well.

Negative Effects of Hustler Kush

Due to its high THC that never goes down to under 19%, it will likely give you dizziness and headache after. But these are just temporary symptoms, just don’t overdose, for it can result in paranoia.

Growing Hustler Kush

This strain is not as difficult to take care of. However, this is best to plant indoors, for it can’t thrive hot temperatures. Inside the garden should have a controllable environment to provide the needed temperature and lighting and much better if there is a ventilation system. Away from pests and just the right set-up for a healthier Hustler Kush.

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