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Reserva Privada was the breeder who created the Hurricane, The combination of the two strains was inherited by the offspring, Frist, Panama Punch was for the high THC level and head high that is quite intense while the LA Confidential is more on the stress crushing buzz and higher yields.

Flavor and Effects of the Hurricane

The inviting flavor of the fruits and berries and sweet and spicy earthy herbs may be complicated but will be enjoyed very well with the uplifting effect that will make you happy. Creativity will follow as the high bar settles in, there will also be very high energy to provide to mingle and be sociable.

Medical Benefits of Hurricane

The stress and pain will reduce out like a Hurricane can removing all the unlikely symptoms in the body. Even the headache including fatigue will also be treated.

Negative Effects of Hurricane

You will be feeling the drying of the mouth, may feel very anxious and paranoid at times. Dry eyes will also be present together with feeling dizzy; these are the most usual side effects that Hurricane can provide.

Growing Hurricane

Tall plants like the Hurricane must be put in support to prevent them from breaking, though it may be known to be strong and sturdy. Controlling and training the plant by using the ScrOG or the Screen of Green method will be a very big help to easier cultivation not only when pruning and trimming are done, but this method will also be exposed to the branches making it easier for air circulation.