TGA Subcool developed this breed from the combination of Querkle and Harlequin. It has a THC to CBD ratio of 1:1. So it’s a natural medicine for those who depend on medical marijuana. The high amount of CBD delivers soothing effect which applies to different kinds of health conditions. Beginners who haven’t established their weed tolerance can try this strain. It is a relaxing strain so it’s ideal for evening consumption.

It produces spade-like nugs in forest green color and they are topped with orange pistils and thick, white, crystal trichomes. The taste and smell of this weed are also enjoyable. What more can you ask for from something that tickles your taste buds and give you a lot of medical benefits

Flavor and Effects of Hurkle

The aroma is quite inviting as it is like a freshly brewed mocha coffee with the infusion from spicy grape or it’s close to mulled wine. It has a mellow flavor of sweet grapes and the aftertaste is musky earth that is akin to a cup of espresso. The effect begins right away after your first puff. It uplifts one’s mood and provides them with a sense of well-being.

The body becomes heavy due to its numbing effect so you can feel relaxed and at ease. These effects brought by this weed are long-lasting so you can be in deep sleep after the high subsides.

Medical Benefits of Hurkle

A wide array of health conditions can be treated by this marijuana. Mental disorders like depression and anxiety can be provided reprieve as it enhances the mood of affected individuals. It soothes pain and aches that are caused by muscle spasm, arthritis, PMS, fibromyalgia, and other chronic types. It also pacifies the redness and swelling that takes place when a part of the body is inflamed.

Negative Effects of Hurkle

This strain may mainly leave dry eyes to its users. Dry mouth can also be experienced These minor adverse effects can easily be prevented by supplying your body with the amount of water that can retain moisture in the body. Some may experience anxiety but this is a rare case.

Growing Hurkle

It’s a sturdy plant with thick branches and stalks. It can be grown indoors or outdoors. It has a high resistance to mold, mildew and a strong gust of wind. Though it prefers a warm climate, it can still thrive in the cold weather of the northern hemisphere. Some growers may choose to cultivate it indoors as they can control humidity, temperature, and lighting.

An odor-control system is needed to cover for its distinct smell. Growers can top this at an early stage to shorten the vegetative stage. Low-stress training will fill the calyx with resins so it can turn to hermaphrodite. Another way to have female seeds is to apply pre-germination soaking.

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