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Just like other strains that breeders won’t be disclosing any information for the sake that it will just be their personal, that happens too with Humboldt, but to give you a hint, this might be one of the descendants of Afghani, source of innumerable numbers of cannabis strains.

Nonetheless, Humboldt has an effect that will satisfy you but won’t let you go down in haze. In short you still be in a decent state after use, thus making it the good to use for in the morning.

Flavor and Effects of Humboldt

This Humboldt has an earthy, woody flavored strain that is mixed with the sweet floral and pine taste. You will be very creative energizer and euphoric when the high gets going, and it is on its top level, as it sets down, giggle, and very happy until your body relaxes, and you will be clear-headed.

Medical Benefits of Humboldt

Bipolar Disorder, relieving chronic pain, headaches, migraines, reducing depression are not just the disorders that Humboldt can get rid of. Aside from that, insomnia, loss of appetite and muscle tension, and spasms are also treated.

Negative Effects of Humboldt

For negative effects, you will just feel mild, headache after, aside from the dry eyes and mouth.

Growing Humboldt

Humboldt is one of the fastest-growing strains with tall stature and can very well thrive in both environments. The methods that you just need to practice more often for this cannabis are to prune that plant and at the same time, trim to control the growth.

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