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Huckleberry Diesel

The Huckleberry Diesel was the result after combining the Sour Diesel and Oregon Huckleberry, two strain with tall stature, and outstanding sedating effects.

Huckleberry Diesel is commonly used when you don’t have anything to do after or the last step of your evening routine before you hit the sack. Because of its high THC level, you will fall into a deep sleep, a great sedative indeed.

Flavor and Effects of Huckleberry Diesel

The blended taste of berry that is quite sweet then the diesel flavors crashes in with its spicy and herbal tang that will stay for long hours. When it comes to effects, the relaxing effect that will hit you with the boost of your mood. When you get to relax after the high, the hunger strikes and make you feel sleepy, a strain good for lazy Fridays.

Medical Benefits of Huckleberry Diesel

Some medical benefits that will be given by the Huckleberry Diesel are a treatment for anxiety and depression. It may also help with the situation when the loss of appetite due to stomach condition. Reducing chronic pain and a solution for insomnia

Negative Effects of Huckleberry Diesel

The negative effect that occurs after used is, mouth and eyes are dry, you feel dizzy and nauseated. If you overdosed with this strong cannabis, you would likely feel paranoia.

Growing Huckleberry Diesel

Huckleberry Diesel is a tall plant, some instances such as strong winds can bend this and get the branches broken, to ease the problem beforehand, you must support you plant to avoid branches getting broke, other than that, you will need to trim or top the plant, not just because of growth control but also to shed some light to other part, to avoid mildews on its creases.

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