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From the Breeder John Casali of Huckleberry Hill Farms, he crossed breed the Paradise Punch with Zkittlez. The result was named after the farm itself but in plural form, the Huckleberries. The unique fun colors are combined in this strain, from the purple hairs to the radiant green pop-corn like buds that are pretty sticky, and the white crystals.

Flavor and Effects of Huckleberries

Fruity flavors of blueberry and grapes with the taste of earthy spice that lingers around your palate. Then the gradual effect starts by making you feel aroused then followed by the feeling of euphorically happy and giggly. Then as the high sets in, you will sense relaxed then hungry.

Medical Benefits of Huckleberries

Huckleberries strain is used in treating depression severe cases of stress and nausea. It is also a good remedy for relieving yourself from pain and sleeping disorders, such as insomnia.

Negative Effects of Huckleberries

You may feel dizzy, encounter itching dry eyes and mouth after using Huckleberries, and in some cases, you may also feel anxious and light headache.

Growing Huckleberries

Huckleberries are one of those strains that are resistant to diseases. But just like other plants, it still needs care and routine. To ensure the health of your cannabis, make sure to prune it according to how it looks, not just once or twice, because the pruning method depends on how many dead leaves of branches you should cut. Lastly, feed your plant with proper nutrients either organic or the one in stores.

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