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Swamp Boys Seeds created the Horace cannabis strain by crossing both famous marijuana called the Banana OG and Nigerian Sativa strains. It is well recommended for daytime use.

Flavor and Effects of the Horace

You will definitely be wanting more after tasting the banana and candy flavors of the Horace. This cannabis strain contributes to a robust cerebral and body elevation. It starts with a euphoric boost that will be uplifting and makes you feel more focused. The relaxation that you will feel will be buzzing around from head to toes as the tingles creep around you.

Medical Benefits of Horace

Horace will be very valuable if you are suffering from muscle spasms, cramps, and depression. The stress and fatigue will also be balanced including the eye pressure which is sometimes really painful and throbbing.

Negative Effects of Horace

Drying of the mouth and drying of the eyes are few side effects that will be felt after taking the Horace strain.

Growing Horace

Horace growing can be grown indoors and outdoors but, most gardeners always prefer to cultivate it indoors where there is a controlled environment and hassles that will take place such as rain will not be any of your problems. There might be two things that need more attention and focus, the changing of temperature during the entire duration of the flowering period. Each phase must have a different temperature and lighting and not the same all the time. Nutrients should also be monitored if too much was given, it might burn the plants; in this matter using organic matter would be the best choice.