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Hoodwreck, Sativa dominant hybrid strain is created from crossbreeding the Trainwreck with Purple Diesel strains. Fortunately, this cannabis is one of those that act immediately like an instant punch that you will never know what hit you and a long-lasting too. So never underestimates the Hoodwreck for this strain is not for beginners.

Flavor and Effects of the Hoodwreck

To taste are the complex blend of sour, citrus taste with diesel, fruity, and floral combinations, then the earthy and tangy flavors will come as your aftertaste. Feeling euphoric and quite happy will lead you to flow ideas, very energetic and focused.

Medical Benefits of Hoodwreck

You will be feeling comfortable from your fatigue, cramps, and depression. Your eye pressure will also be alleviated the same with the headache, and lastly, the muscle spasms.

Negative Effects of Hoodwreck

Headache and dry mouth and eyes are the adverse effects felt with the Hoodwreck strain. Some instances would make you feel paranoid because of past traumas, and anxiety levels rise up because of overconsumption.

Growing Hoodwreck

In growing the Hoodwreck, it is important to understand how the method works and others. First, is the Screen of Green can totally help to distribute light evenly and enhance bud production. It is also done to target lower nodes and make them breathe, including the narrow streaks that surround this plant. When it gets very tall, you might want to transfer the branches to the side to avoid it from burning.