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The Honeydew cannabis is a CBD-dominant variety with CBD levels reaching up to 15%. It is a mostly sativa variety that originates from the United States. It offers a strong Sativa flavor profile that is a delicious combination of fruity, spicy, sour, earthy, and piney. It also provides a smooth and delicious smoke that leaves a lingering taste of fresh pine on the mouth.

Flavor and Effects of Honeydew

This bud is a cross between the Formula One strain and the Cinderella 99 strain. It combines all the flavors of its parental lineage and offers an interesting combination of fruity, spicy, sour, earthy with hints of pine. The effects of this strain can hit you hard and strong. Because of the plant’s high resin production, its high is a potent cerebral high that is uplifting, euphoric, and invigorating. Any sad and depressing thoughts will immediately be pushed back, giving you some mental relief and happiness for the entire duration of the high. With at least 20% Indica properties, this bud also offers a physical relaxation that brings the entire high to a pleasant one. The body buzz is mild and mellow and does not leave you feeling too tired or in a comatose-state.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Honeydew

Like many Sativa varieties, this weed is a great help to cannabis patients looking for relief from symptoms of stress, depression, chronic anxiety, and even physical pains and aches. This can include monthly cramps from women, knee pains, and backaches. People who are also struggling with attention deficit disorders, bipolar disorders, and fatigue will love this strain.

Negative Effects of Honeydew

Dry eyes are one of the most common negative effects of smoking the strain. This is usually caused by dehydration and is usually a mild discomfort. By keeping yourself hydrated throughout the high, these side effects can be easily kept at bay. Another side effect of smoking this weed is an increase in levels of anxiety or paranoia. Since the onset of the high is a rush, it can lead to slight dizziness and headache. There are a number of ways to help combat these side effects readily available on the internet.

Growing Honeydew

The plant is relatively easy to grow. It can flourish in all kinds of settings, whether it is outdoors, indoors, or in a controlled environment like greenhouses. The plant can grow rather tall, so growers should make sure that the colas are provided with enough support to avoid breakage. Due to its height, many prefer growing them outdoors. It is important to note that when cultivated outside, these plants need a temperate climate that is consistent with lots of sunlight and air. Lastly, it is important to conduct regular topping on the upper branches to ensure that the needed nutrients reach the low growing nodes.

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