Honey Rock

This Indica leaning hybrid is the result of combining the Super Widow strain with the Swazi Poison strain. It was created by Europe-based breeders, the Sumo Seeds. Its plants are highly distinguishable due to its large flowers that cling to each other in irregular structures. The leaves are in a beautiful mossy shade of green that is covered in orange hairs and cloudy white resin.

Flavor and Effects of Honey Rock

The Honey Rock boasts of a mouthwatering flavor profile that is reminiscent of honey, with a touch of herbs and florals. When combusted, the bud produces sugary honey exhale leaving a very delicious flavor on the tongue.

Its effects will take up to 15 minutes before you will feel its cerebral onset. Once the mental headrush kicks in, you will feel an increased blood pressure around your eyes and on your temples. A psychedelic distortion will feel you and you will feel dreamy and relaxed. As the high progress, the physical buzz will take over. You will feel a heavy creep on your limbs and soon you will be couch-locked. Because of these effects, this strain is used for days when there are no tasks lined up, or for the evening right before sleep time.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Honey Rock

The Honey Rock provides a general uplift in your mood, making it very effective in temporarily alleviating symptoms of fatigue, stress, depression, and anxiety. Inflammations like lupus and fibromyalgia are also treated by this strain due to its physical effects.

Negative Effects of Honey Rock

This strain has a mellow effect but it can still cause dry mouth and itchy, droopy eyes. Keep a source of water handy and eye drops as well to keep these effects manageable.

Growing Honey Rock

Aside from its delicious flavor profile, the Honey Rock is also a favorite among many cannabis growers because it is not a diva to cultivate. It thrives well in any kind of environment. It only has two requirements €“ an outdoor climate that is hot and Mediterranean-like and regular trimming to ensure that its broad fan leaves do not block the lower nodes from getting their needed light and air.

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