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Holy Punch

Bred by the Green House Seed Co., the Holy Punch is the result of combining the classic The Church strain with the Grape strain. This indica dominant hybrid is known for its excellent outdoor performance. Its plants are marked by green leaves with blue streaks that adhere to each other in a round, golfball-like formation.

Flavor and Effects of Holy Punch

It offers a fruity aroma and flavor that is deliciously mixed with spicy undertones. When smoking this strain, the initial buzz will be cerebral that will increase your sociability and productivity in no time. This later changes to a mellow physical buzz that will bring you relaxation and calmness. In time, you may find yourself couch-locked. It is the ideal bud for a mellow night out with friends.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Holy Punch

This strain is not only great for social and recreational events, but it is also an ideal bud for therapeutic use. It can help relieve patients from pain and aches easily. These can include mild headaches, migraines to chronic pains like muscle spasms, joint inflammations, and even lupus and arthritis.

Negative Effects of Holy Punch

The Holy Punch has a high amount of cannabinoids that will dehydrate you. This, in turn, will cause your eyes and mouth to feel parched and dry. The good news is that these symptoms are mild and will go away in time.

Growing Holy Punch

This cannabis strain can be grown indoors and outdoors. However, it produces an exceptionally high yield outdoors, especially when provided with a hot and humid climate. It is resistant to common diseases, making it relatively easy to grow. It has a bushy structure with long branches so regular pruning is required to ensure all its nodes will receive the needed light it requires to produce maximum quality yield.

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