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Holy Ghost

The Holy Ghost is the result of a four-way cross between the Pitbull, Satori, Amnesia Haze and Durban Poison strains. Its plant is distinguished by its large and well-formed flowers that cling to each other in a pinecone-like structure. The leaves are vibrant green in color and are covered by orange and brown pistils. Cloudy white trichomes complete the look of this visually striking plant.

Flavor and Effects of Holy Ghost

The Holy Ghost cannabis emits a dank and earthy aroma that is combined with notes of citrus and fruit. When combusted, the smoke of this strain is smooth and creamy. It leaves a lemon and wet soil flavor profile that fills the mouth.

The effects of this strain are fast-acting. You will immediately feel some pressure and sensation around your temples and cheeks. It starts with a cerebral euphoria that launches you into a free-flowing conversation and productivity. This is simultaneously balanced with a physical calm that will prevent this mental buzz from becoming too overwhelming. As the high wears on, you will feel the bodily relaxation continues to take over and you will start to feel its sedative effects.

What are the medicinal benefits of Holy Ghost

This strain provides several medicinal values. For one, patients with attention disorders will find support in the mental acuity that this strain temporarily offers. It helps them concentrate and finish on a particular task with ease. The Holy Ghost is also effective in relieving symptoms of body aches and pains.

Negative Effects of Holy Ghost
If you are prone to panic or paranoia, due diligence is required as the Holy Ghost can induce mild bouts of such when consumed in high doses.

Growing Holy Ghost
When wanting to cultivate the Holy Ghost, you have to acquire clippings from mature plants and grow these into your clones. These clones can be grown indoors and in hot and humid outdoor settings. It has a short and bushy structure so regular cropping is required to ensure all flowering nodes receive the needed sunlight and air to help the plants reach their maximum yield.

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